General Information and Terms & Conditions

Photos of your work are required as well as website information if new exhibitor.

Exhibitors who desire to participate at any venue organised by Eden Crafts should as soon as practicable before the date of the venue send in booking form, list goods they wish to exhibit, with pictures and description where available, and enclosing the fees required. Verbal bookings are not accepted, we can however confirm availability of space at time of the call. Exhibitors can only sell the goods that they have listed on their booking form. The first two items listed on the booking form will be accepted as items sold in the show and anything else will be within the discretion of the organiser to accept or reject. The policy of Eden Crafts is to choose a combination of high quality crafts and gift items as well as limited services and food items. Care is taken to ensure variety.

Exhibitors are approved in the order their applications are received. Allocation of spaces at the venue is at the sole discretion of Eden Craft.

We reserve the right at its sole discretion and without giving any reason, to refuse any application promptly returning the full fees received, and to ask exhibitors to remove any of their exhibits and make alteration to their display which is considered unsuitable, failing which the exhibitor is refused admission without refund of fees. Each exhibitor undertakes to have they exhibits on display in their allocated space, in good order and professional manner with their vertical panels and table covered with a clean cloth that reaches the floor on all sides, adequately attended and in full view throughout the advertised hours of the venue. We reserve the right to open exhibition stand by the stated open times and keep open until closing time. Exhibits shall not obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others and shall not be packed, covered or removed before the end of the Fair without the permission of Eden Crafts.

No exhibit shall be packed, removed or dismantled prior to the closing of the exhibition without written permission from the organiser. To pack up and leave prior to closure of show can result in cancellation of other bookings with no refund.

Cancellation must be received in writing. No refund is made if the cancellation is made three months or less before the date of the venue; otherwise a refund is made less the deposit (25% of total fee). Space cannot be relet without approval by the organiser.

Please note that all food exhibits have to comply with Health and Hygiene standards laid down by relevant authorities.

Eden Crafts provides public liability insurance, but all exhibitors are required to provide their own PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE. They are required to have it with them at all times. If you at present don't have public liability insurance, please find on the back of our catalogue detail of Insurance. General security is provided, but Exhibitors are advised not to leave valuables overnight.

Exhibitors using electricity must provide their own power-breakers which comply to British Standards together with adequate extension cables for their needs. All electrical equipment needs to have electrical inspection certificate for any electrical apparatus in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Regulation, which can be provide by any N.I.C.E.I.A. registered electrical contractor.

Electrical equipment used can draw power of up to 500 Watts. Please consult with the organisers if you require extra electricity.

Exhibitors are responsible for clearing away rubbish from their own stands.

In the interest of Health and Safety we request there be NO SMOKING and NO VAPING in all venues.

Data Protection:-

Please be aware that your information will be stored on our data base with your contact details, which we require in order to supply services to you. This information will not be divulged to a third party without your consent.

Method of Payments:-

Full payment or 25% of total fee payable as deposit with booking (current dated cheques only) with the balance enclosed postdated two calendar months before fair.

Due to extremely difficult trading conditions, we've given exhibitors who book 5 or more shows an alternate method of payment for the SUMMER SHOWS.

This method of payment is £500.00 rolling deposit to pay for the last show with balance for each show enclosed post-dated 10 days before fair. Cancellation policy remains unchanged. See our terms and condition.

We accept, cheques, card payment and Bank Transfers.

Limited Liability:-

Eden Crafts is fully aware that the success of its exhibitors and their financial well-being is of paramount interest to its continued success and who will pursue appropriate promotional activities to achieve this end. It will furthermore take public liability insurance for its venues and requires that its exhibitors to do the same.

Every exhibitor shall participate in the Fair entirely at their own risk in every respect, and shall absolve Eden Craft from responsibility for such risks, including personal injury, loss or damage to property: however this injury, loss or damage may be caused whether by fire, theft, inclement weather, interruption of power, defect in the equipment and building or failure of subcontractors or agents to perform.

Eden Crafts cannot, however, be held responsible, and its exhibitors absolve it from and responsibility, for loss of profits, for damage or theft of exhibitors stock, interruption of power or services, or failure of press advertisement fully contracted to appear, inclement weather and failure of sub-contractors or agent to perform, which may result in loss to exhibitors. Eden Crafts does not provide insurance cover for theft or damage to exhibitors stock and recommends that their take adequate insurance against all risks. It is a condition of booking that exhibitors absolve Eden Craft from and responsibility for refunding fees paid by them except as specified under these conditions.

Eden Crafts reserve the right, at their reasonable discretion, to vary
(a) the times of opening to visitors of the event
(b) the times of build up and break down of the event;
(c) the location of the site;
(d) the dates of the event.

Eden Crafts will not be responsible to the exhibitor if and to the extent that an event of force majeure prevents or restricts Eden Crafts from running the event or carrying out any of its obligations in that connection.

No refund will be made in respect of any day on which the event has started, and the exhibitor should insure against any additional losses incurred by cancellation or abandonment.

Eden Crafts shall not be responsible to the exhibitor if and to the extent that a special event of force majeure, such as the death of a senior member of the Royal Family, prevents or restricts it from running the event or carrying out any of its obligations in that connection.

Should an exhibitor wish to cancel from the event, the exhibitor must write to Eden Crafts.

Indemnity clause.

The exhibitor indemnifies Eden Crafts against any and all loss, costs, expenses and liabilities caused by the exhibitor’s breach of these conditions or by the negligence of the exhibitor, its servants, agents or sub-contractors.

General provisions

If the exhibitor employs an agent or sub-contractor, the exhibitor shall procure that the agent or sub-contractor as applicable complies with these conditions but the exhibitor shall remain primarily liable to Eden Crafts for the performance thereof. The exhibitor shall not assign the benefit of this contract or sublet the whole or part of their stand without the written consent of Eden Crafts.