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We live in difficult economic times, and we must all strive for the highest standards of presentation if we are to maximise the opportunities that are presented to us. At Eden Crafts we are committed to working with our exhibitors to provide an environment which is attractive and inviting for our visitors.

To help to achieve this we request that each of our exhibitors has a vertical backdrop to his or her stand. If you do nor currently have such a backdrop, we suggest that the best solutio9n is to purchase a light weight display fibreglass framework which is easy to assemble and light to carry and is available in different sizes from 8ft x 6ft, 12ft x 6ft and 16ft x 6ft. You can purchase separate curtains that are available from most retail outlets that threads through the bars of the display frame. (Please avoid clipping material on to the frame as it looks messy and unattractive).

Example of back drops is available from:

We look forward to meeting you at the shows.

Kind regards,

Dina Samara

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